by: Preston Fields

Movie Review

I advise everyone who reads this newspaper to go see the movie brainjack it was great, it isn't fast paced so you wont miss anything, you will love the story line, and much more
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Advice column

Dear Carl Wikwiki,

I am having a serious problem and need your advice. I have a issue with a girl named, well let's call her "V". Her and I are working with each other on a very important project. She seems to be very smart mouthed towards me and seems that this could hurt our chances to complete our goal. You see we are hackers and are having a difficult time getting through the network to stop some very bad people. I can't be fighting with this girl and concentrate on this important task. What do think I should do? Help ~S~

Dear "S",

Sometimes when working with new people they feel threatened by new comers. This happens to many people. My best advice to do what my mother always told me "kill them with kindness. As far as hacking into a network, I was use a Neuro headset and sneak through the "spiders" in the network. This should do the trick! Keep a positive attitude and do what you do best.

Best of luck CW

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Feature article

In the movie Brain Jack, Sam the main character struggles with the loss of a good friend and struggles with new partners at his new job. Using new technology as well as old tactics he earns the respect of his new coworkers. The struggles he goes through and the way he conquers his enemies is a real inspiration. Sometimes focusing on the task in front of you with a good attitude is the best way to succeed.
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Help wanted

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