Government in ancient Greece

3-4 B social studies


People in ancient Greek had a lot of different types of government because of all of the different city- states in ancient Greece. They each had there own government. In addition peoples ideas of what a good government had changed over time...

How ancient Greece has affected us

Ancient Greece has affected us in many ways. There cultures are much like ours today. Just because they invented and built things does not mean they will always continue to be admired.

How governments came to be

In 510 B.C.E the city-states of Athens created the first democratic government. Soon all of the other Greek city-states imitated them and also made types of government.

City- states

As I said earlier, each government has there own rule and government. Athens and Sparta were the two largest city-states. They sometimes fought each other and had lots of wars and battles.

Types of government

Democracy- Democracy is a government ruled by the people, or assembly. Officials and leaders were elected and all citizens had a say.

Monarchy- A single ruler like a king. In Athens this ruler was most likely to be called a tyrant.

Oligarchy- When the government is ruled by a small group.