Keep Your Health Up

Health I An Important Thing In Life

To have a good health you have to exercise if you don't exercise you will be a little big. Smoking and doing drugs brings your health down. If you wanna exercise you can play sports to make it fun. If you don't have good health you will have breathing problems

Staying Fit

You have to exercise to stay fit and keep your heart healthy working out helps you have a lot of stamina. stamina helps see how long you can do something. To stay fit you will always need to eat healthy foods like fruits and veggies. you will mostly eat whats on a diet meal.

Eating Health

Going on a diet will help you eat health.Eating healthy helps you maintain your health don't use a pills the weight comes back to you when you stop using them. you should drink lot of water when you are eating your food. this will help you stay healthy.
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