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A Sunspot is a very large dark circle on the surface of the Sun. Sunspots are a lot cooler than the Sun that is why they appear to be a lot darker.
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What Do Sunspots Look Like?

A sunspot is a dark spot on the surface of the sun. The darkest area is in the center ( umbra). The lightest area is towards the outside of the spot ( penumbra). The largest sunspot had a diameter of 50,000 km. They are big enough to be seen with the naked eye.

Sunspots Formation

Sun Spots are formed when two hydrogen atoms bind together. Sunspots are created by very intense magnetic activity. They need a very strong magnetic field in order to form. The stronger the magnetic field the more sunspots are likely to form. Sunspots typically form in groups of 10 (they can have up to 100), they usually don't have many more than that in an area.

Where On The Sun Are Sunpots?

Sun Spots are usually located about 30N and 30S of the Sun's equator. They are on the surface of the Sun. During the cycle of a sunspot which is usually 11 years they slowly move closer to the equator. They move because of how the magnetic field on the sun changes but scientist aren't exactly sure why that happens yet.
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Sun spots


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