freedom and rights for all citizens

fighting for rights and freedom

Thesis Statement

Citizens should be able to make their own rights and have their own freedom without the government telling them what to do and not to. Citizens have the right to think and act for themselves we should all be able to make our own decisions and face our consequences.


" In Harrison Bergson" and " The lottery " people have no choice but to do what the government tells them they have no right or freedom which is bad because people deserve respect and need to learn to make their own decisions without being told, controlled or living with fear. People deserve the right to fight for their right without the government getting involved in it or it being controlled and making them do stuff that the citizens don't want to do.

Quote and Analysis

In both story's they both have to face and conflict the government when they were being controlled by them and the government was making them live with fear and confusion " they were all living with fear while the government was controlling them.