David Suzuki

by Riki Chakraborty (ikuzuS divaD)

Who Is This Man?

David Suzuki is a 78 year old Canadian environmental activist. David worked his entire life to find different ways for the society to live in balance. He travels to many different places in the world to educate himself and the ones that surround him about different ways to live/ do things. Above all he is a great leader and a huge inspiration to the people that want to live a more subtle and eco-friendly life style.

What Was He Involved in and what does he do to show leader ship?

David Suzuki was a professor in genetics at the university of British Columbia. that's were his leadership skills developed. After retiring he moved on to doing radio and TV shows where he started to influence people into realizing the lack of action the government was taking to protect the environment. Thats where he had started to step up and show people the ways of living an eco-friendly lifestyle, where almost every thing that that he would do would be sustainable and efficient. He talked about and should people how to live with balance, how to have clean and sustainable energy, and showed people what they can do to help change the climate.
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Leadership Traits

Know your enemy- and learn about his favourite sports.

David Suzuki displays this a lot. His goal is to educate people about living green, so he has to know about every thing that would be the opposite in order to tell the difference between living green and living an everyday modern life.

Courage is not the absence of fear- it's inspiring others to move beyond it.

David Suzuki shows this by sort of exposing what people do to the environment, whether its the government or any other citizen. he shows us what they did wrong and how it can be fixed by doing certain things. He inspires people to take responsibility and clean up what ever mess is made and try to live a green life.

Lead from the front- but dont leave your base behind.

Davis Suzuki shows us this trait by showing people what to do and how to do it, but still gives them the opportunity of doing it by themselves to learn and see, and experience the cause. He travels to many places to teach people and educate them about the situations so they would be able to fix it own their own incase something like that happens again.


In the end, David Suzuki is a great leader because of his experience with people and positively inspiring people to do what is healthy, right and good for a long term which is to live green.