William Shakespeare

Some theories


William Shakespeare is no doubt one of the most popular english writers in history. However some people question if he even wrote his plays, or if he even existed. There are many theories going around about his existence. I'll be going for both sides with some facts and evidence and conclude if he is credited for what he wrote.
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Did he write his plays?

Reasons why he didn't write his plays:

  • Shakespeare has written so many plays and poems, there is no way a person could create that much work unless helped by another writer. But other than that, it just seems that Shakespeare has written so much that a single individual couldn't do.
  • There is no way a individual could produce such languages, extensive poetry etc. Where as a high born and educated person would
  • Shakespeare's writing style is too varied, and can lead up to many different writers in his time. So if Shakespeare wrote similar to a different writer, we can then tell if Shakespeare is real or not.

Did Shakespeare write his plays? - Natalya St. Clair and Aaron Williams

Reasons why Shakespeare DID write his plays

In the late 1800, a polish philosipher by the name of Wincentry Lutoslawsk invented a method kwnown has "stylometry"

Stylometry: Its the art of comparing writers to writers. From puncuation, grammer, use of words, language, etc.

From stylometry, we can compare Shakespeare to other writers. If any writer comes close to Shakespeare's writing style, we can assume that Shakespeare is not Shakespeare.


Shakespeare, is Shakespeare.

No writer came close to his unique writing style. So to all of you that still think that Shakespeare DID NOT write his plays, find another theory. Cause stylometry is a pretty strong support.