Weekly Parent Letter

Week of December 7, 2015


Dear Parents,

Happy Monday! Here is a quick glance at what we have going on in the classroom this week. I know we are all on a count down to the holidays, but we have more learning to accomplish!

  1. Article of the Week: Monday, students will participate in a Socratic Circle that explores the connections between The Outsiders and current events. We have been gathering evidence for the past two weeks to integrate this discussion. Students will receive a grade on their preparation and participation in the discussion.
  2. Writer’s Workshop: Last week was a bust in Writer's Workshop. I was out on Tuesday, we took NWEA on Friday and we did not have enough time to get everything done! Students worked on their research for their chosen topic, but did not begin workshops or the writing process. NO WORRIES! We will use this next week to continue the process.
  3. The Outsiders: Monday and Tuesday will be our last days work with The Outsiders. We are going to watch the movie in class to continue discussing the themes, characters, and conclusions from the story. Please contact me for questions or concerns. Students LOVED the book!
  4. NWEA: Friday we took the NWEA Reading Test. I would encourage your student to continue striving to grow and set goals for future tests!
  5. A Christmas Carol: On Thursday, we will begin reading Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol. We will be reading this as a class due to text complexity and need for discussion. Feel free to read and discuss at home!

Check it out!

Holiday book orders are due December 11, 2015! Posted is the link to explore titles and books online.