Southern colonies

By: Annalise Ortiz

John Smith

John smith was an English explorer who helped find Jamestown, Virginia. He was an English soldier, explorer, and author. He was a leader in the Virginia Colony, based at Jamestown, between September 1608 and August 1609, and lead an exploration along the rivers of Virginia and Chesapeake Bay. He became the first English explorer to map Chesapeake Bay and New England.


Jamestown is a Virginia colony and was the first permitted English settlement for the Americas. It was founded by the Virginia Company of London or named for James 1 of England. Jamestown was abandon briefly in 1610 and again in 1699.

Southern colonies

The southern colonies in North America were found by Great Britain and these colonies were Georgia, Maryland and Virginia. Tobacco, rice, and indigo were the main cash crops in the southern colonies. They enslaved Africans, rather than individual servants, had become the main source of labor. Geography of the southern colonies were suitable for farming because they grew cash crops that were sold for profit.