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  • They have white bellies with a black back and wings
  • Their colors are thought to hide them from predators in the sea
  • chicks have gray fur instead of being black and white

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How are they born? How does the mother care for it’s young?

  • Penguins are hatched from eggs

  • The chick very attentive parents for survival.

  • The parents have a brood patch that is used to keep the chick warm.

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  • Adult penguins eat krill,fish,and squid

  • For penguin chicks the mother or father has to get them food.

  • After getting the fish they must recognize their child first.

  • Penguin chicks eat regurgitated food.

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Where does it live? What are some habits?

  • All penguins give birth on land or sea ice

  • They spend 75%of their life in water

  • Penguins are social birds

  • They catch and swallow their prey whole.

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Enemies And Penguins defense:

  • Leopard Seals and Killer Whales are enemies of penguins.

  • They use their swimming ability to defend themselves

  • They can make sharp turns and swim fast.