The 2015 NFL Draft

By Alexander Tracy

Before the Start of the Draft

We all new that a Quarterback was going first overall in the draft to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The only thing is that nobody knew who was it going to be. My guess, QB Jameis Winston, the 6 foot 4 sophomore out of Florida State. Winston had faced the Oregon Ducks, home to the other possible number 1 overall quarterback, Marcus Mariota. Florida State had lost that game and then the Ducks went to play Ohio State and got destroyed. I still think that Winston will go to the Bucs, but Mariota has more potential in the NFL. The same case happened in 2012 where the Colts had selected Pro-Bowl Quarterback Andrew Luck and after that pick went RGIII to the Redskins. Luck has been in 2 Pro Bowls and Griffin has been in 1 playoff game. But, in the third round went the Super Bowl winning Quarterback Russell Wilson. In many cases in the NFL Draft, the first pick is not always the best pick. The next big question is a Runningback going to be picked in the first round? The last time a runningback went in the first round was in the was in the 2012 NFL Draft when Trent Richardson went to the Cleveland Browns third overall, Doug Martin went to the Bucs thirty-first overall and David Wilson went to the New York Giants right after the Bucs to finish off the first round. NONE of those players are any good now. I think Melvin Gordon and Todd Gurely will not be like these three runningbacks. I am also sure that they will go in the first round. Now, I am a Baltimore Ravens fan and I keep on hearing that Melvin Gordon will go to the Ravens in the first round. I think that might be the case. In Ozzie Newsome's history of drafting, he will most likely pick the best player on the board at the time. If not, he will trade down. I also hear that we need a runningback. That is also wrong! We have 3 runningbacks and Justin Forsett had 1266 yards and an average of 5.4 yards per carry. That is a great year when you were not even going to get many chances of touching the football. I also think that there will be a lot of both offensive and defensive linemen drafted in the first round. This year you have players like the offensive tackle from Iowa Brandon Schreff and the defensive end from USC Leonard Williams.

My Mock Draft (First Ten Picks)

  1. Tampa Bay - QB Jameis Winston (Florida State)
  2. Cleveland (From Tennessee) - QB Marcus Mariota (Oregon)
  3. Jacksonville - DE Leonard Williams (USC)
  4. Oakland - OT Brandon Schreff (Iowa)
  5. Washington - DE Dante Fowler Jr. (Florida)
  6. New York Jets - WR Amari Cooper (Alabama)
  7. Chicago - WR Kevin White (West Virginia)
  8. Atlanta - RB Todd Gurely (Georgia)
  9. New York Giants - OT Andreas Peat (Stanford)
  10. St.Louis Rams - CB Trae Waynes (Michigan State)