Los Angeles, CA since 1919

About UCLA

UCLA seems to have won awards in the past, has 100 companies supporting them, and has won an Olympic medal or 250. They are pretty well known for their athletics.

Their mission is summed up in three words; Education, Research, Service.

Admission Requirements

  1. Minimum of 3.0 GPA. 3.4 for non-resodents
  2. SAT score in the range of 1700 to 2000+
  3. All a-g classes in high school

About 40.6% of freshman are actually accepted to UCLA

Student Life

Living on Campus at UCLA


  • Offers more than 5,000 courses.
  • 109 academic departments
  • 125 majors

Top Five Majors

  1. Political Science
  2. Psychology
  3. Biology
  4. Business Economics
  5. History


  • 94% of freshman live on campus
  • There are many places to live like The Hill

Silly Fun Facts

  • Their mascot is the Bruin (aka the brown bear)
  • Have an activity known as the Mardi Gras Carnival
  • They have spirit squads and ways for you to get involved and become a true fan


Tuition and Fees* = $13,806

Room and Board** = $14,904

Books and Supplies= $1,383

Transportation= $594

Personal= $1,836

Health Insurance= $2,229

Total= $34,752

Is This School For Me?

I honestly feel like this school is for me. For one I just love LA, they have so much to offer. Not only would I be learning but experiencing new things. There are so many places to sight see like Hollywood, Universal Studios, Disneyland, Beverly Hills, etc. Plus BEACHES! I am not quite sure what I am going to major in but I feel like here I can find my path to life just because they have all these new adventures for me.