Toastmaster Area 62 Gazette

District 50 - Plains division - Area 62 Clubs

Area Director's Introduction


Hail to the members of Toastmasters in Area 62!!!! This year Area 62 is made up of the following clubs:

· Carrollton Toastmasters #5981

· DFWAE Toastmasters #1129074

· Electric Toasters #4665568

· The Evaluators (moved from D25) <Advanced Club>

I am honored to be your Area Director this year and to help you in any way I can!

Our goals as an area is to grow your memberships, help you get your educations and leadership goals and awards, and for sure to have a great time doing this.

Feel free to contact me for any questions, needs, assistance that you might require! I will try to attend your club meetings on a monthly basis! Which is a big commitment as I am a member of three clubs of my own! But we do this because we love Toastmasters and are striving to gain or enhance our skills!

We have a great schedule coming up which I will try to put out with this newsletter!

This summer we have Officer Inductions and Toastmasters Learning Institutes (TLI's). If we have not done your officer induction, we will do it ASAP. I know many of you have already attended or are committed to attending the TLI's (great info!). The last TLI is August 6th (This coming Saturday! - see more in the newsletter).

In the Fall we have our Fall contests and the Fall Conference! wonderful networking opportunities! I hope to see all clubs send their best and to have their club members come and support your club!

In the Winter most of you will elect new officers (or take on a new officer role!) So we have more winter TLI's so you can get more training and get those DCP points for your club! Plus, new officer inductions again!

In the Spring we are back to contest season and then we end with the Spring Conference. Again I can tell you it is an amazingly awesome time to network and support your club!

My goal is to be a motivator, helper, question answerer, and idea generator when needed! You do not have to be an officer to reach out to me at all! My email addresses:



If you don’t know something...ask!

If you have a tip or trick you want to share.... tell!

But above all, let's have a great year, learning, growing, and networking!

Hollis Cash

Summer TLI's Last Chance

So August 6th is the last TLI of the summer! Remember that you must have at least 4 officers from the club get official training to get credit for your club's Distinguished Club Program points. If you get all 7 officers trained I believe that there is a bonus that D50 will award you the set of Officer Pins for your lapel or name badges!

Click here <TLI BLOCK SCHEDULE> for the current clock schedule! I know Carrollton toastmasters already has 6 of 7 trained! Great Job! Electric and DFWAE, I believe y'all are heading to this final TLI! I will be there so find me at the registration table! Let me know who your are!


Officers who are training, you must attend COMBINED OFFICERS session and your office that you are holding ( each is one hour long). There are more classes which are awesome, but make sure you get those tow classes!!! I cannot stress that enough! ALSO... when you are in the class, there is a sign in sheet... you must sign in to get credit!!!

Those of you who are not officers... run for office in the winter! You need it to get your Advanced Leader Bronze award! (its not hat hard, don't worry!)

See you at TLI!!!

Calling VP's of PR

Hey VP of PR!!! I am here to help! Are you having an Open House? A special event? Your Fall contest! Give me the flyer and I will help ypou promotew it to District 50!

In addition, I will put it in this news letter so the other Area 62 clubs can help you out!

Rmember Promote, Promote, Promote!!!

Club Fall Contests

Now is the time to start (if you have not already) your Fall Contest! Do you need help? Are you green at doing this? Email me! I will help you out! Don't forget to get credit for CL manual Proj 8 or 10 for chairing the event! Then anyone you recruit to help can get credit in project 6 of the CL manual!

Start by setting a date with your club and letting me know your date, ASAP!'

See below for the date on the area contest, you need to have yours before this date so your winnders can go to Area contest!

Next, who will be in change of the event? (Chair!) You then need flyers to promote it! (VP of PR!) Recriut someone to create a program (i have a template!), next recruite someone to be in charge of snacks perhaps or lunch! Finally you will need the roles filled, two timers and a contest master! (I will help whoever wants to do contest masters! It is scary...but fun! Believe me! We will get you a chief judge and judges!

Here is the biggest key... Just Do IT! It is fun, an experience, and I want to see each club fight for the right to represent our area at the division contest!!!

Contact me for help, but President's and VPs... don't delay! Do this ASAP!

Area 62 Fall Contest

Saturday, Sep. 10th, 12-2pm

2395 Midway Road

Carrollton, TX


Area 62 Clubs will send your winner of the Table topics Contest and the Humorous Speech contest to this AREA FALL CONTEST!!!

The winner will compete for the Area Trophy and the distinction of going to the Division Fall Contest!

Please plan on attending this free event in Addison! You shoudl support your contestants! Meet other Area clubs, plan banner raids, have a great time networking and meeting fellow toastmasters!

You do not want to miss this great oppertunity!

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

D50 Fall Contest Schedule <Click Here>

Look for Area 62!!! Also Look for town North Division Contest

Education Awards

The education program is an important part of every Toastmaster's journey and is a critical aspect of every club meeting around the world. The Toastmasters Education Program is based on a proven curriculum that enables you to develop your communication and leadership skills one step at a time.

Make sure that your Area Director (ME!!!) knows when someone in your club earns one of their awards so that they can be features in this Area 62 Newsletter!

Which club is going to have the first CC or CL turned in? Who will turn in the first Advanced award? Go for three awards in onw year to get your TRIPLe CROWN award!!! Let's make Area 62 one of the most awarded area's!!!

District 50 Website <Click Here>

General information about all that is happening in D50!

District 50 Fall Conference

The District 50 Fall Conference will be heldNovemember 18 & 19th this year in Sherman Texas!! It is the final step of the fall contest journey for the 2016 year. It will contain two great contests; The Humorous Speech Contest and the Table Topics Speech Contest!!! It will be amazing to see the best of out district compete! Practice those Humorous speeches! Get those Table topics perfected!

This year we have the new pricing model in effect, where one club payment covers everyone! If you need more information about the Fall Conference click here!

Remember meals are not covered at conference, nor is lodging! But we will get District 50 costing on these items! Watch this space for mor einfo as it becomes available!

District 50 Facebook Group Page

You need to request to join..and your should!

Compentent Leadership Project 9 - Mentoring

So we all know how difficult Project 9 on the Compentent Leadership manual can be! However, a wise fellow Toastmaster told me a trick to Project 9...

Read it closely...Mentor a new or existing member through their first three projects. Well... we all just assume (at least I did) that this mean the first three project in the compentent Communicator Manual. But guess what! The Compentent Leadership Manual has "projects" as well!

Sure a Project in the CL manual has more steps in it than the CC manual... but new members are much easier to get them to do roles, than some of the teeth pulling that happens when trying to councel them for three speeches.

Not only that it does just say three projects... You can mix and match... just like in the thrift shop! Get them to do 5 roles and an Icebreaker! Three Projects done!

New Member Application 

The new application for Toastmasters has been updated on the Toastmasters International Website.

Please make sure if are sponsoring a new joining member (you brought them as your guest) that Your Membership information is put at the top of page 2 of the membership application. If you need assistance with Your Toastmasters Membership Number, please reach out to one of VP’s for assistance. We can look that up for you.

There’s an APP for that!

Have you tried it?! The first official Toastmasters mobile app is now available on your smartphone or tablet. This user-friendly tool is designed to help you perform your club meeting roles with convenience and ease. Preview and download the app here.

Make sure your Toastmasters International Login Access is activated to get full access to the Mobil App.

-Instant access to your club roster -Built-in Ah-Counter that counts filler words -Grammarian function that keeps track of the Word of the Day -An easy-to-use timer -A History section to track your progress. Download it today to help with your next role.

Area 62 Toastmasters

5981 Carrollton Toastmasters

1129074 DFWAE Toastmasters

4665568 Electric Toasters

The Evaluators (moved from D25)