What was some of your favorite books as a child and why?

Her favorite book was rainbow fish because her grandma that she doesn't see a lot bought it for her.


What do you read online and why?

She reads her favorite celebrity Grayson Dolan Instagram comments.

What's your favorite topic or genre to read about and why?

Danielle's favorite topic is horror because it makes the books more interesting.

Explain a piece of writing from anytime in your life that you are especially proud of?

She was most proud of her writing in second grade about her trip to Italy because it was the first good writing she did.

What was the most meaningful thing someone has wrote to you?

Her letter from her cousin that lives in Italy she got on her birthday.

If you could choose anything to write about what would it be?

If she could write about anything it would be about her crazy experience at a Miley Cyrus concert.

What's your favorite song.

Her favorite song is beautiful girls by Sean Kingston

Do you like to read on paper or ipad?

Danielle likes reading on paper because she likes the feeling of flipping the page.

Where is your favorite place to read?

She likes to read in her room because it's quiet