Environment Danger

By: Kobe Marshall

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Help the Penguins!

Do you see the penguins,they are slowly dying off because of us. Not only are you hurting them you are hurting yourselves with global warming. Instead of using a car,walk or ride a bike. Keep your lights off and don't turn on the heat. Save your world today!
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Help the Coral Reef!

You might think the Coral Reefs are not such a big deal, but they deal both to human and fish species. Did you know that the Coral Reefs are fishes homes. We pollute our ocean with factories and gases. Would you like someone slowly breaking your home? Start helping today. Learn about them and ways that we can make our world and oceans a better tomorrow.
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Pond Scum? Hydrogen Gas?

Do you want your car running on Pond Scum? This could help our world strongly from pollution. The Algae uses sunlight so you could run your car. Help your car and even help your world from pollution and global warming.
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Help the Galapagos Islands!

Have you heard of the Galapagos Islands? If you have heard you might already know that thy are very special islands. Colorful webbed feet creatures , but the Galapagos Islands are in serious danger. Tourists are harming the environment and poachers are sneakily killing them off. You could help by caring for your environment.