Personalized Learning at UGE

New Year Edition

January 2016

Happy New Year Unity!

As a new year approaches, many of us set new goals and visions for ourselves. After some thought, I decided that now would be a great time for a new motto in 2016. The motto this year is "trust and try". We often say in PBL to "trust the process", and it could not be more true! Fear of the unknown and embracing change can be tough...and more often than not, we are tougher on ourselves. If you're a teacher like me, who always tweaked my lessons and searched for new ideas, we've always trusted something different and tried something new.

Regardless of where your are on the personalized learning journey at UGE, remember two things: trust yourself to try something new. What is one new way we can challenge our students to move closer to the "ideal graduate"? Maybe a new way to gauge inquiry, to apply 21st century skills, to measure assessment via a new platform, to design a new PBL in class...just trust and try.

So..what is something new that you are trusting in your classroom?

The first THREE PEOPLE to Tweet AND Email something new that they are trusting and trying in terms of PL, along with a picture, will receive a FREE Dunkin Donuts gift card on me!! That's right!

Details: Just take a picture of what you're trying, share why you trusted it, Tweet @tasiaellis and @uge_hcs and Email it out to the school and you're sipping a FREE latte!

Just share your efforts, regardless of size or scope.


*Note* this Smore won't contain any pics I've taken of classrooms as I want to open up this Twitter challenge to everyone who is "trusting and trying" :)


The holiday season hasn't seemed to slow anyone down.

Wow- the amazing PBL and planning that is taking shape is contagious! It's truly evident how much teachers see the value of PBL in their classrooms as students receive the ultimate benefit as they create, critically think, communicate, and collaborate.

As PBL is a natural love here at UGE, other components of personalized learning (PL) can easily be merged into your unit. As noted above, 21st century skills spell P-B-L ! Want more ideas on how other components of PL can be incorporated into your PBL? Just reach out! Simply send me an email, share some ideas with me during our grade level meetings, or even grab me in the hall to set up a time to collaborate together.

Trust and Try in 2016!

What's Up with Competencies at UGE?

21st Century Skills, That's What!

Here at UGE, we strive for the best. We want to stay ahead of the curve so as to prepare our littles with the best tools for college and career. We have taken the 21st century competencies provided by HCS and have started applying them to our work within our instructional focus time. From the art club to remediation, our littles are communicating, collaborating, critically thinking, and creating things we could only dream about when we were young. WAY TO GO UGE!
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