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April 2014

Ahhhhh....Spring! It's that time of year where we see regrowth, renewal, and rejuvenation. Embrace this time of year and the optimism that comes with it to inspire those around you to work just a little bit harder, stretch for just a little bit longer and try something new in order to meet (or exceed) goals!

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Addressing Extra-curricular and Non-academic Supports

Teams need to consider the supports students need to participate in extra-curricular and non-academic activities. While we typically think of after school activities when we address this section, it also encompasses things such as field trips, class parties, phy.ed., music and lyceums. Nearly all of our students participate in these activities on some level. Therefore, we cannot state that they do not participate in extra-curriculars because we are not including the non-academic activities. We have removed that "drop down" from Sped forms. If your student has no needs in that area, we ask that you simply state that in this section of the IEP.

Workload Analysis Results Ready to Share!

Many of you have requested to see the results of the Workload Analysis data that is collected. You will find a Summary on my Moodle page that will list the average workload number for the type of disability category served. You can then compare your workload number to the average across the Coop.

Please know that the Workload number does not describe all that you do - You are worth way more than that number represents! The workload number is just a starting place.

Please Attend Level 4 Meetings

Level 4 programs are and extension of the district and your attendance is needed at IEP meetings that occur in those programs. As a school district attendee, you offer insight on curriculum, average student behaviors and transition. You are an important team member! Please make attendance at these meeting a priority!

Minnesota SW-PBIS North Region Partners with Infinitec to Host Free Training Videos

PBIS is a framework or approach for assisting school personnel in adopting and organizing evidence-based behavioral interventions into an integrated continuum that enhances academic and social behavior outcomes for all students.

The Minnesota SW-PBIS North Region Implementation Project has partnered with Infinitec and created 5 training videos. The videos focus on behavior intervention at each tier. The Videos are available on the website at:

Navigate to the Online Classroom in the menu at the top of the screen. Then select the Behavior category from the Resource drop-down below the black Flowplayer.

Below are the video titles and the Tier of PBIS that they correspond to.

Tier 1:

Tier 1 Individual Student
Engaging Youth in PBIS Individual Student Tier 1

Tier 2:
Managing Escalating Behaviors Individual Tier 2

Tier 3:
Function Based Assessment (FBA)

Special thanks to the MASE Spring 2014 Newsletter for providing this information.

Share the Wealth

The "Share the Wealth" section of the Connection will be devoted to sharing and showing resources that you have developed and the really great things that you are doing. Look for this section in all of our upcoming newsletters.

Modified Grading Rubric

Alison Eitreim of Adrian Elementary recently shared with me a modified grading rubric that she developed. You can find the grading rubric on my Moodle page at:

Inspiring Leadership

TED is one of my favorite sites. It is comprised of quick and very inspirational recorded speeches on all kids of topics. The link below is one of Simon Sinek, an expert in Leadership, sharing how great leaders inspire others. Although he talks about the business world, it is not a stretch to think about how these same ideas can be applied to the students we work with and to our education system. We are all leaders and have the ability to inspire others. How will you apply Simon's principals?


We have many offerings right now! These are just a few of the titles:

"Meeting the Challenge" Behavior Workshop - April 7

Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health - Montevideo - April 11
Renew your License Saturday - April 12
SEAT Networking - April 14
How to Conduct FBA's and Develop IEP's - April 28th

CPI Refresher - June 4th

See the list of upcoming Workshops below and register at:

New workshops added weekly!