Parent Math Connection

Romeo Community Schools | December 2014

Welcome to the Parent Math Connection!

This publication has been designed with parents of the Romeo Community Schools in mind! Its purpose is to help you better understand how math is being taught in our elementary schools so that you can continue to support your child's learning along the way. The Parent Math Connection will be published monthly by the Office of Curriculum and Instruction. The newsletter will not replace the valuable information that comes from your child's own teacher and school, but it will enhance communication with you from the District level.

EngageNY Math Tips for Parents is coming soon

Feedback from parents is that they want more information about EngageNY and the changing face of math instruction. In addition to the monthly Parent Math Connection, we are preparing parent tip sheets for each module at every grade. EngageNY Math Tips for Parents will include an overview of the upcoming unit, how the math concepts fit within the total scope of the math program, the state standards being taught, key vocabulary terms, sample problems and ideas about how parents can help at home. The tip sheets will be sent to you by teachers at the beginning of each new unit and will also be posted on the Romeo Community Schools website. Check the Curriculum and Instruction department page at The tip sheets will be posted there beginning December 5.
Why is Math Different Now

Changes in instructional practices

New math standards in Michigan are focused on six key instructional shifts that will shape the way math is taught and learned in classrooms. The six changes are:

  • Focus: a narrowing and deepening of the scope of the curriculum in order to focus on the priority concepts in depth.
  • Coherence: a better connection of learning within and across the grades in order to build strong foundations for later math learning.
  • Fluency: the expectation that students have speed and accuracy with simple calculations.
  • Conceptual understanding: a deep understanding of and ability to operate in a concept before moving on.
  • Application: expectation that students will use math and choose to apply concepts appropriately in a variety of situations.
  • Dual intensity: practice and understanding of concepts go hand-in-hand and happen together.

Math resources for families

Barrington Public Schools in Rhode Island has developed a website that parents across the country are finding useful. The site includes helpful videos on a wide range of math topics, a glossary of terminology and mathematical models, answers to frequently asked questions and more. Check it out here!

Romeo Community Schools Office of Curriculum and Instruction

Please contact us if you have questions or with suggestions for topics you would like to see covered in future editions of the Parent Math Connection.