Maddie Schaul


Getting There

Reagan Alaura and I went on a 19 h and 50 min flight, Our flight had 2 stops one landing in Houstan texas (5hr 30min) the second stop stoped at fortlauderdale (1hr).(plan ticket $2643) Once we got off the plan we we rented a cab ($105). It took about 30 to 45 min to get to our hotel the people we extremly nice and helpful.Our room was very nice and relaxing and had a great view of the ocean.

Where to Stay

in treause cay bahamaha there are many nice hotels but in my opinion Abaco Beach Resort is the best Becasue there are many great review's some saying "very relaxing, would go here again" to others saying "great survice and outstanding people/workers". (website) plus is only $290 a night!


in treasure cay there are tons of things you can do such as


lounging on the white sandy beach




we also went on a boat with a nice restrount and a great dinner wich coast about $100 for each but well worth spent


There arent very many promblems in the bahamas but the one that had most poped up the most as i was resurching was the crime of stealing according to

"at 9;00 am on the 24 of august 2013 a 43 year old woman repoeted an unkown man broke and entered her business" She had also reported he had stole $230 so as a solution you should keep a close eye on your stuff and watch for mysterious people


in conclustion the bahamas are a nice relaxing and beautiful place to stay with amazingly nice people great hotels and just a nice place!

About the Traveler

I love to travel. I love sitting in the plane looking out the window and imagining where were going to go and what to do there, Also i love long car trips and seeing all the buiding and sites.

History and culture

in 1595-spanish treasure galleons sank off the coast of treasure cay

the biggest new years celeabration happens here!

the bahamas are known for its 500 miles od clear blue water

the bahamas are on the top 10 most beautiful beaches

Nassau is the captial city