Evaluating Websites

Grade 3

Guiding Question

How can I choose good websites for my research?


  • · LCD
  • · Laptops, ipads, tablets
  • · Score Your Site Student Handout


  • · demonstrate an understanding of appropriate listening behaviour by using active listening strategies in order to contribute meaningfully and work constructively in groups
  • · express personal opinions about ideas presented in media texts

  • · identify who produces selected media texts and why those texts are produced
  • · identify the topic, purpose, and audience for media texts they plan to create


· Tell students that there are ways to know which websites are appropriate to use. We will learn to identify certain characteristics, and we will rate a website to see how they measure up.

· Using devices ask students to do on to the following website: Pets or Food http://goo.gl/MIQzfl

· From Common Sense Media use Score Your Site Student Handout, one to each student.

· Guide the students through the worksheet by examining the website together.

Question 1:

How will you decide which sites to use for your research?

Possible Answers responses:

a) I would use the first ones that come up on the Google results page

b) I would use the site my classmate or teacher suggested that I use

Question 2

Can the author be trusted?

To students: These questions will help you figure out who the author of their website is. You may not find the author on the home page. The author can be an individual, or an organization. Once you find out who the author is. You should determine whether if the author is an expert on the topic.

Question 3

Will this site have the information I need?

To students: What kind of information does this website share with its readers? Do you see yourself using this information in your science research? You should judge the quality of the information as best as you can.

Question 4

Is this site up to current?

To students: When was this research done? When was it posted? If information is old it may not give you accurate information for your work.

Question 5

Is this a good research site for students your age?

To students:

  • · Take a close look at this website. Do you think that it was made for students your age to use?
  • · Can you read and understand the information posted in this website?

· Encourage students to add up the circled scores in each column with students, and then add the three subtotals to obtain a final score.

· Students should compare their scores with their peers . Are they about the similar, or different?

· In groups of 3 or 4 ask students to decide whether or not they would use this website for their research. When they are done ask groups to share with the entire group.

· Encourage student to use Accountable talk during the group presentations