By: Jacob Rioux

Good leaders must be unselfish. They do not put their own needs or goals first but instead the goals and needs of the team. They do not steal all of the glory but do the little things that matter and need to be done for the team. They play a key role all though it is not the most glorious it is essential to do as the leader and is an essential trait that they should posses.
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Henrik Zetterberg

"The Red Wings captain puts his team first by sacrificing offensive potential to play exceptional defense.

This often results in head coach Mike Babcock matching him up against the opposing team's most important offensive player, which is a role that the Swedish forward willingly accepts and excels in.

He's also tallied 42 or more assists in six of his last seven non-lockout seasons, and Zetterberg's 37 assists in 46 games last year was the best assists per game average (0.80) of his career." (Bleacher Report)

Henrik Zetterberg, captain of the Detroit Red Wings, would rather help his team by being in the background and making a difference rather than taking the glory for himself. This helps him be a good captain because he is putting his players first and exemplifying unselfishness for the good of his team. Being and unselfish leader is key as Zetterberg demonstrates.