Japanese Diets and Eating

By. Ethan Thompson

Japanese Diet

The Japanese diet have large amount of rice, fresh vegetables, seafoods, fruit, and small portions of meat. They usually use soy sauce, fish broth, or sweet sake. Sweet sake is alcohol made from fermented rice. Rice and tea is usually in every meal everyday. Western food like U.S fast foods are increasingly popular. Japanese food suck as miso (bean paste), soup, noodles (ramen egg noodles, udon wheat noodles, and soba buckwheat), curry and rice, sashimi (uncooked fish), tofu and pork. Sushi is usually made with any fish, cooked or uncooked, with lightly vinegared rice. Sushi wrapped in seaweed is called norimaki. Some sushi can cost only one U.S dollar but some can be expensive.

Japanese Eating

Many Japanese eat while walking even though it is considered bad manners. So when some buy snacks from snack stands, they usually eat them there. With a traditional meal, they usually eat it in a bowl at chest level, not bending over a table. It isn't impolite to drink soup straight from the bowl or making slurping sounds. Japanese use chopsticks while they eat sometimes but when they eat western food, they use western utensils. The main meal is eaten usually in the evening. Many Japanese men usually work so they eat at