From Me to You

To Austin Cottom from Samantha Trout!

To you from Me!

Ever since we were little kids I have always liked you! You are like my brother. You are always listening to me talk even though half the stuff I say is stupid! I don't care if we ever date because having a brother is better than having a boyfriend! I am so glad that we are friends! You helped me when I wanted to kill myself and when I wanted to cut myself. Even though I have been talking to you every day I still have a thousand thing to say still! I miss you and I can't wait till you see this!
Jason Mraz & Colbie Caillat - Lucky (Video)


This song here is how I feel!

My dream!

So I had a dream and I haven't told you it yet Austin but this is what it is! P.S it is REALLY long!

“No please don't do this...please...” A girls voice said. A tear dropped down her pail face and falls onto a dull gray rose that she held in her ice cold hands. “Don't worry It'll be alright.” A boys voice said softly as it echoed in her head.

She wakes... from another nightmare about her and her boy friend. She breathes heavily until she gains her conscience.

Samantha was her name, she was 13. She had strawberry blond hair, brown eyes and freckles...She felt extremely lonely in the world... Like nobody cares about her any more like she was a nobody. No one cared but Austin, her boyfriend. Austin was 14. He had brown hair and blue eyes. Although she believes that her dreams could be signs about the future.

Later.... “Hey Samantha I really need to talk you about something. It has to be in private.” Austin said as his voice trembled with fear. “Oh okay. What is it about?” she was frightened as if her dream is about to happen again. “well it is about us.” he took a breath scared on how Samantha would react. Samantha was so frightened and scared that she began to hyperventilate. She then fainted....

She woke once again in her warm bed. “Was that all just a dream?” She asked herself. She looked at the time. It said 5:48 so Samantha called Austin's house to see if that had really all happened.

“Hello?” A woman's voice said weeping. “Mrs. Cottom? Is Austin there?” Samantha said. Mrs. Cottom froze. “No Samantha, Austin is in the hospital.” She paused and took a deep breath then continued “He was stabbed in the back 4 times while he was walking home from your house 2 hours ago.” Then Mrs. Cottom started to cry again.

Samantha then started to cry. Then she had an incoming call. The caller ID said Austin. “Austin!” She yelled with excitement. Then she switched over to his call. “Hey!” She said. “Hey....Samantha...” He said with a very weak voice and taking a breath after every word he said. “Are you okay!?” She said as she started to cry. “yeah..... for now.... I guess...but please don't Cry I'm going to fine. ” He said still breathing after each word. “I am sorry I'm just really worried about you but I am just glad you are okay but I want to tell you something.” Said Samantha. “Yeah what is it?” Said Austin as he started to breath really heavily. “well I wanted to tell you I love...” Samantha stopped talking because she couldn't hear Austin breathing. “Austin are you okay” Samantha then heard a big crash into the phone... “AUSTIN!?” she yelled into phone as she started crying. No one answered. Then after a few seconds she could hear the sound of doctors talking to Austin's dad. They said “I'm sorry he is gone”

Samantha dropped the phone and ended the call then she sat there frozen like time had stopped But then I just cried and wanting him to come back. She got up and began looking for the pocket knife Austin gave her as a gift for her birthday 2 years back. She then found it and carved Austin's full name in too her arm.

She sat there crying and kept on craving his name in to her arm. She looked up then seen a picture of Austin and her on top of her book shelf. When she walked over there. Then she found a note on top of her book shelf... she opened it and it said “Hey Samantha I know I didn't get to tell you earlier...and It took me a really long time to say this...I don't know how you will react to this... I was going to say to you.... I love you.” She dropped the note to the floor. And sat down on to her bed and cried for hours.

2 weeks later... “Hi Austin” she said as she stared at his gravestone.... “I miss you and I can't stop crying. I miss you a lot.” Samantha said to his gravestone She gets on her knees and pulls out her pocket knife.... She started to cry. And stabs herself in the chest. “and I also wanted to say I love you too” She said. And she fell to the ground...dead...

I hoped you liked this Because i loved this dream!