Create an Audio QR Code

Follow the Steps Below

These are the directions for creating a QR code that will allow the user to play audio upon scanning the code. This function would serve you well if you wanted to deliver instructions for learning centers (science investigations, for example), presentations, and in so many other ways. Enjoy!

Step One - Create the Audio (MP3)

I would complete this step with either Record MP3 or Vocaroo. Both of these sites will create a recording for you and give you a link to that recording. That link is necessary for creating a QR code (which is covered in step 2).

Creating an MP3

Step Two - Make the QR Code

Now that you used one of the sites mentioned above to create an audio recording, you may take the link to that recording, and create a QR code that students may scan to hear the audio file. I prefer to use

Create an Audio QR Code

A Second Option - Tellagami

Learning How to Use Tellagami

Tellagami is a fun iPad app that allows you thirty seconds to say what you need to say. The characters available to you will then repeat what you say with added body language. It would be a nice option to include with a QR code. First, let's watch a video that will show you how to use Tellagami.

Using Tellagami

What Do I Do Next?

Tellagami, Step Two

So after you've made your "Gami," the best thing to do would be to upload it somewhere. I have chosen YouTube, because of its ease of use and because our district's Google accounts include YouTube.

Once you've uploaded to YouTube, you will then be able to get a link that will allow you to create a QR code with it.

One thing to think about, though, is that YouTube is blocked for our students. You may want to upload the video straight to your teacher web, and create a QR code based on the link there, if you plan to have students access the QR codes at school. You can also go here, and request that your YouTube channel be included in the YouTube EDU filtering, which is open to our students. Note* You'll need to have multiple videos in your channel before YouTube will consider you for this request.

Yet Another Possibility - ThingLink

ThingLink is a free service that will allow you to upload an image, and place interactive markers on top of the image in various places. The markers can be links (such as the link to my MP3 file that I made with RecordMP3 or Vocaroo), YouTube videos, text instructions and a few other possibilities. Thinglink is available on the web or as an iPad app.

Once you have chosen your image to use in ThingLink, you may customize it with markers that students may click on to find new information. It might even be nice to let your students make their own presentations or explanations in ThingLink.

Labeled (or unlabeled) diagrams would work really well in conjunction with ThingLink.

Get Started with ThingLink

Check out this ThingLink Tutorial!

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