How Technology Affects Schooling

Allowing students to use their technology; good or bad?

Multitude of helpful, educational apps for all subjects

With all the technology of today, app developers have created thousands of apps that help students learn. Also, the apps are much more entertaining and interactive than hearing a lecture or reading a book, so it will keep the students more attentive and focused.

The policy takes care of the students' technological needs

These days teenagers are so in love with their technology that they feel a need to always be using it. Allowing them take their devices to school encourages students to use their technology as long as they are doing what the teacher instructed them to do.

Keeps students more engaged during class

Students do not usually have a great attention span in class, using apps with their own technology is more interesting. When they use their own devices, the excuse of being bored is taken away since they are no longer just writing or reading. There is always a better way to learn, and at the moment phone and tablet applications is that better way.

Students get a more effective, personal, and collaborative learning

While each teacher has to take care of twenty or more students, each student has a device that helps him/her, so the student has two available helpers. The app may be able to teach the student something the teacher was not able to get through, or vice versa. Because students have deep connections with their devices, the teacher and device work together to improve the students learning.

Final verdict: Positive

Allowing students to use their technology at school for exercises keeps them more engaged through methods they approve, helping students get better grades through a more interactive way of learning, and keeping them out of social media, therefore, trouble.


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