Addie Williams

Almost Dead.

On Wednesday October 9, 2013, I attempted suicide. I was in a dark place and couldn't find a light. I felt like no one loved me. And people dont notice or start caring until its to late. It was almost to late.

Video from My Phone

Left behind.

if I would have died, the video above and a suicide letter would have been all that my dad had to look at to know what was going through my head during those moments. I thought I was going to die so I wrote a letter before I overdosed.

So Small-Carrie Underwood


I started to cut when my mom and I fought all the time. I had no one to vent to, because the person I normally vented to, I was in an argument with. I ended up cutting and drinking my pain away, but no one knew until a year later when I had moved in with my dad.

Jennette McCurdy-Stronger (Full song) With lyrics on screen


After I had puked up my guts, my dad realized something was wrong. I was dizzy, I didn't walk straight, and I was mumbling. I was rushed to the ER. They had and anecdote.

You'll Always Be My Baby -- Sara Evans (lyrics)