March 2016


This month's focus will be on RESPECT. Defiance and disrespect are continuing to be the behaviors that are most often the reason for Minor/Major write-ups. This month students are encouraged to behave in a respectful manner towards other students and staff members. A special $5 LEO buck will be given out to students who are recognized for using kind words and actions.


If you are seeing continued negative behavior even after several reteaches - day after day - please contact administration about the possiblility of an automatic minor. For example, you have a student using disrespectful words to another student. He is given a reteach - the behavior happens again the same day - he is given another reteach. The day ends with no further incident. The next day the same thing occurs - 2 reteaches - no minor. On the third day you witness the same behavior - another reteach - please notify administration that the repeated behavior is still observed. NOTE: The behavior must be the SAME behavior witnessed repeatedly. If you have questions about this please contact Scott, Noelle or Julie.

Keep in mind:

"Acknowledgement makes that behavior more likely to occur in the future, and is one of the most powerful tools for shaping or changing behavior." (SBCUSD Positive Behavior Support Initiative)


Den Day

March 16

April 6, 22

May 4, 20


March 16

April 22

May 20



-3 students graduated from CICO in January!

-1 student moved to verbal.

When filling out CICO sheets, the goal of the time with the child is to talk about his/her behavior, NOT the points they aren't getting. Please state the negative behavior, explain how it can be changed to a positive behavior for next time and then end on a positive note! Setting goals with your students can help them buy in to the intervention. Talk with your students about which behavior they want to focus on for the day and praise them when they have met their goals. You could even reward them by calling home to their parent, providing a high five, acknowledging their accomplishment with the class, or giving them an additional Leo buck.

Classroom Ideas and Quotes

  • Looking for ways to refresh PBIS with your students? One way is to include it in your curriculum. Students could write about how to be safe, respectful, and responsible in their school. This way, they get a refresher AND can become more aware of their safe, respectful, and responsible actions! Thank you Mrs. O'Brien for the awesome idea!
  • A few motivational quotes during these dreary winter months when behaviors can be challenging:
  • For a child to learn something new, it needs to be repeated an average of 8 times. (Joyce and Showers, 2006)

  • For an adult to learn something new it needs to be repeated an average 25 times. (Joyce and Showers, 2006)
  • For a child to unlearn an old behavior and replace with a new behavior, the new behavior must be repeated an average of 28 times. (Harry Wong)