Mrs. Burns' Kindergarten

Weekly Wrap-Up

Happy February!

Happy February! The last few weeks have flown by very quickly in Kindergarten. Between completing assessments, working on math and reading i-ready diagnostics and the schedule of Catholic Schools week... needless to say, things have been pretty busy around here. However, this week we are back to the "calm". We have jumped right into reading groups and response journals, have been writing our little hearts out, and pushing through our Math lessons. This "Weekly wrap-up" is filled with fun from the last two weeks! What excitement there has been with the 100th day of school and Catholic Schools week.

Reading Strategies for Home

The oral reading strategy this week is "Say It Like A Character”. Many times children misinterpret or miss the author’s intended meaning because they read silently the same way they read orally—in monotone. They approach reading like they are “cracking a code” instead of trying to understand the message. Children have difficulty understanding that as a plot develops, so do the characters. We have to help children understand that authors use dialogue and words that describe feelings (ex: “Jordan begged her father…”).

“Say It Like A Character” helps children make inferences and practice learning how to understand feelings and emotion. This helps them better understand the meaning. Have your child read the way they think a character might actually speak. You will need to model this for them. They may need to practice a phrase many times, saying it different ways until they feel it is the way it should be said. This is also a great time to point out how punctuation greatly affects the way we read a sentence. While they are doing this ask the following questions:

What emotion were you trying to show?

What made you think that you should have read that way?

What if I read it for you? Can you guess what emotion the author is trying to get across?

"Read, read, read." ~ William Faulkner

100 Days Smarter

I cannot even begin to express the cuteness in Kindergarten on the 100th day of school! The choice was to dress up like you are 100 years old (which 14 of the girls did), or bring in 100 items (all of which were perfect). The girls's outfits were amazing... we had SO many compliments! In the morning we rotated through many 100 day activities, and just had FUN celebrating our 100 days together. Some of our stations included, 100 snacks, 100 day crowns, building with 100 legos, making a 100 cup structure, drawing ourselves at age 100, using q-tips to paint 100 gumballs in gumball machines, doing 100 exercises and more!
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Catholic Schools Week

Last week we had a wonderful time celebrating Catholic Schools Week! It was filled with such an enthusiasm for Catholic education! Thank you to all of the volunteers that have made this week's events possible. A few of our Kindergarten favorites were... Board games with buddies, the Walk-A-Thon, Parent Picnic, and of course Grandparents Day! It was amazing how many grandparents and special friends were able to celebrate mass and visit our school on Friday. Thank you for all of your constant love and support, kind words, and for the Catholic foundation you are setting for your children. It has been an amazing week celebrating our Catholic School! We are truly blessed at how God is working here at St. Paul's.

Blessing of the Throat

On the Feast day of St. Blaise, the children had their throat blessed by Father Viet. He came into our classroom, prayed with us and through the intercession of St. Blaise blessed each of our throats.