School Information for White River Valley Schools--Issue 4

WRV HS Graduates 62 in the Sun!

White River Valley High School held an in-person, outdoor commencement ceremony last Saturday, July 25th to the delight of 62 graduating seniors. We worked with the Greene County Health Department to meet several state guidelines in order for the seniors to graduate together as a school family. Had we been indoors, students would have been allowed only three guests. Even though it was a bit warm, the students got to graduate in front of parents, extended family, and friends. Thanks to the Greene County Sports Network the event was also available online. We are thankful that our students got both their prom and high school graduation!! They worked hard to have these milestones of youth, and we were glad to be able to give these memories to them.

Highlights of the morning: Tanner Denham was the class Valedictorian, and Christiane Davis earned Salutatorian honors. Both gave great speeches! Senior honor students received their Stephen Campbell academic awards during the ceremony, while Class President Joe Records took care of the graduation traditions. Music was provided by the WRV Concert choir, which included seniors Ian Staggs, Noah Walton, Claire Hostetter, Olivia Hayes, and Cody Bough.

Congratulations to our retirees: Linda Spainhower--44 years, elementary/middle school teacher; Kathy Morrison--40 years, elementary teacher; and Diann Puckett--33 years, school staff!

WRV Prepares to Open School on August 11th

Face-to-face and Virtual Options Available to Parents/Students

WRVSD is preparing to open to school on-time and in-person. The Board of Education has adopted the re-entry plan and there are a couple of choices for students and parents. WRV believes that face-to-face classroom instruction is always the best option for students, but we know with the Covid-19 concerns that some parents might want to choose the virtual option for their student. WRV principals, Mrs. Jill Staggs--WRV ES; Mr. Jason Walton--WRV MS; and Mr. Doug Lewis--WRV HS, are busy contacting students and parents to answer any questions about the two choices. With the Governor mandating masks on public transportation, all students riding WRV buses will be required to mask-up. All employees will mask-up when social distancing cannot be accomplished as will students in grades 3-12. The mandate does have some exceptions to it for education with the social distancing a key component to his policy. The school system has secured both cloth and procedural PPE for students and staff. Plastic, clear face guards are also an option.

Each school will have a dedicated employee to help supervise the virtual instruction program. All students in grades K-8 will have Accelerate Learning self-paced curriculum to help supplement school support. Teachers will be using that platform in-school as well to help students that might want to transition back into the regular school setting. In order to sign-up for the virtual program, parents MUST contact the building principal to get signed-up for that program. Both face-to-face school and virtual school will begin on August 11th. You can contact building principals at their email addresses:

Mrs. Staggs: jstaggs@wrv.k12.in.us

Mr. Walton: jwalton@wrv.k12.in.us

Mr. Lewis: dlewis@wrv.k12.in.us

One question coming up in principal phone calls is that component that says students must be at school to participate in sports or extra-curricular activities. The board has allowed the school administration to put together an appeal process. We don't want students penalized for situations beyond their control, but these will only be granted in special situations. Look for that process after the August 6th school board meeting. Any questions on this topic can be directed to Dr. Hacker at bhacker@wrv.k12.in.us.


Four Different Scenarios....

WRVSD is preparing for four different scenarios as we look at starting school on August 11th. The first two (face-to-face schooling and our virtual options) have been explained earlier in the newsletter. We are also looking at two other situations that may or may not come about due to future spread of the coronavirus.

If we get cases here at school, the health department will advise us as to the necessary shut down precautions. If we have a short-term (2-5 day) closure, we will be implementing our short-term e-Learning program similar to last Spring. Teachers will utilize Google Classroom to communicate lessons and be available for students online from 9AM-3PM during the course of the short-term closure. Teachers have been preparing all summer by taking twenty different technology professional development lessons to better serve students. If we have an extended shut down, which would be longer than a week, we will be moving to a program called Distance Education. Distance education is a model that most colleges are using to combat the virus situation. HS and MS students would have class online in real-time with the teachers live. The MS would be online in the morning and the HS would be online in the afternoon for "real-time" classes on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. The elementary classes would be online on Tuesday and Thursday morning. Teachers at all three schools would be online to take students and parent conferences and tutoring one evening a week for communications purposes. Elementary teachers would be online at night on Monday; the high school teachers will be online at night on Tuesday; and the middle school teachers will be online at night on Thursday. The DISTANCE EDUCATION will ONLY BE UTILIZED DURING TIMES OF AN EXTENDED, LONG-TERM SHUT DOWN. Teachers would also still be available to students from 9am-3pm during this situation as well.


The following information has been released by Mrs. Staggs for Elementary Students/Parents:

Class Rosters:

Class Rosters will be available on August 3, 2020.

Back to School Drive Thru:

The elementary will host a back to school drive thru to welcome kids back on August 5th and 6th from 4:30 - 6:00. Parents can drive their children down Main Street in front of the school then turn in the gym parking lot to be led through the Drive Thru Event. Students will receive a snack, a book, and a prize for attending. School supplies can be dropped off at this time as well and staff will deliver them to your child's class. We know this isn't the same as visiting the classroom but with the current COVID situation we believe it is our best option while still providing a back to school event for the students to prepare and feel some normalcy.


If you have an incoming Kindergarten student you can schedule a drop off time later on August 11th so you don't have to fight the crowd. You can call the school at 812-875-3839 or email squakenbush@wrv.k12.in.us for a time. Parent drop off times will be 8:30, 8:45, and 9:00.

You will be able to drop the student off at the Kindergarten entrance doors on Main St. Parents will not be allowed to enter the building. This entrance will only be used on the first day of school for Kindergarten at the later start time.

If you plan to send your Kindergarten student to school on the bus that first day, they will start at regular time and we will meet them and at the bus entrance and escort them to their rooms.

Virtual Learning:

Families that have chosen our virtual learning option for 20-21 should receive information by email about the Accelerate program and next steps by July 31st. If you do not receive this info please notify us on Monday, August 3, 2020 so we can get that information to you.



WRV Middle School will be holding ONLINE REGISTRATION for all returning students on August 3-7. Parents can complete registration through logging on to their student's Harmony account. If help is needed, please contact Ms. Padgett at mpadgett@wrv.k12.in.us.


Students/parents who are new to the school system or who are choosing the virtual education option will need to contact Mr. Walton at jwalton@wrv.k12.in.us to schedule an appointment.


Mr. Walton and his staff will be hosting a virtual "Back-to-School" program on Tuesday, August 11th at 6PM. The meeting will begin with everyone being together with Mr. Walton for introductions and program informations. Break-out sessions with different teachers will then be available.

All WRV will be receiving an invitation link to their email address entered into the Harmony system. Please look for that invitation as we get closer to the 11th.



White River Valley High School will be holding ONLINE REGISTRATION for all returning students on August 3-7. Parents can accomplish registering by logging on to their student's Harmony account. If help is needed, please contact Mrs. Mansfield at tmansfield@wrv.k12.in.us.


Students/parents who are new to the school system or who are choosing the virtual education option will need to contact Mr. Lewis at dlewis@wrv.k12.in.us to schedule an appointment.


WRV HS will be holding FRESHMAN ORIENTATION for the Class of 2024 on Thursday, July 30th from 9AM to Noon. This is a student-only event. Students should enter the building through the main entrance.


WRVSD has been notified that the entire district has qualified for the state CEP program. This program allows students at all three WRV buildings to get free breakfast and school lunch for the entire 2020-21 school year. This is great news and a tremendous service to our WRV families. This is for any WRV enrolled student, so virtual students also may take advantage of this service.

Any questions about the CEP program can be directed to our Food Services Director, Mrs. Renee Wiggington at rwiggington@wrv.k12.in.us