A few things before you head off...

for the weekend, spring break, Easter, whatever!

Dear UK 1st Impressions,

Are you going for Lindsay's Challenge? If you're getting this email it's open to YOU (this email is going to all on my lines 1-3)!

Here's the recap:
Let's have some fun! Loads of free stuff to earn through corporate but let's add a little Crown Jewel magic to the mix!

Lindsay is giving away FIVE £59 gift cards to some lucky (and motivated!) girls. She's been noodling on it and want you to have lots of ways to be eligible to win. This contest is open to my lines 1-3, if you are receiving this email, you are in my downline! Get a ticket to win --

1. Book and hold FOUR or more trunk shows in April.


2. Sponsor a new stylist in April.


3. Promote for the first time to Sr Stylist or above in April.

Do one of the above, earn a raffle ticket, do all three and earn three raffle tickets. Easy peasy! Post in our UK 1st Impressions Page if you're in the running (https://www.facebook.com/groups/341207202639355/). Make sure to log the details into your Lounge. Good luck!

Are you traveling for Spring Break or Easter?

Bring a tote of jewels, and don't forget your Chelsea Tech Wallet, scarf, lookbooks, Dottie and order forms. Your family and friends will be envious over how gorgeous your accessories are so why not share and let them treat themselves?!

How cute are Senior Stylist Heather Dodge's Easter Basket goodies?

You can even pack up some Gift Cards!

Want to SPONSOR this month? Here's how one of our Star Directors goes about it...

Love this cute note from Associate Director Kristen Weiss

She made up this adorable note which fits nicely on the back of our paper invitations. Pop it in a frame and leave it on your trunk show table to remind people of all the gifts they can check off this season!

Here's a fun idea of what we're doing for our May Meet Up:

I'm heading off for Spring Break...

We're taking the kids to tour Washington, DC...and you'd better believe I'm toting my goods and doing a trunk show with my cousin!

Love that I can work this business around my family's life experiences + build up my network. Hope you all have a great weekend/week/spring break!

xo's, Carrie

Senior Director & Founding Leader