Nuclear Holocaust

Cameron Gentile, Gillian Kirk, Taylor Marovich, Noah Ayon


Sheltering for the nuclear holocaust will be in a bunker surrounded of concrete and lead underground. The bunkers will be located under your home and there will be an airtight door to ensure safety. The bunkers are located 2,000 feet underground.


The bunker will be stockpiled with foods high in carbs and protiens such as peanut butter, canned veggies, meat, and fruit. For extreme situations there are 3,000 calorie energy bars that last 3 days and will be rationed out. The water supply is located underneath the flooring of the shelter, the water is collected rain water from previous weeks/months. In emergency situations we will ration out packaged water also lasting 72 hours.

Air Supply

Our oxygen comes from a tree in the bunker that grows from artificial light and is rooted to the underground water supply. To get rid of the CO2 everyone in the bunker moves into a room, (room has oxygen tanks just in case), all the CO2 is released through pipes that go to the surface, the bunker will refill with Oxygen, the tanks are only meant for the situation.


To get rid of our waste we poop in a hole and and send it down a 5,000 foot tunnel shaft to get rid of gasses and odors.

Escape Plan

There is a probe that shoots through the ground warning radiation levels are low or almost gone.