Fish in Northern Illinois

SN=Scientific Name


Color: Olive green or brown

Diet: Vegetation, Brush, and rubble

Habitat: Heavily vegetated streams or rivers with gravel and limestone

Weight: 0.83lbs

Fun Fact: Popular fish for small lakes and ponds

Northern Pike

Color: Olive green w/ yellow and white on belly

Diet: Daphnia, isopods, and gammarus

Habitat: Weedy and sluggish streams

Weight: 55lbs

Fun Fact: Live in freshwater

Rainbow Trout

Color: Blue-Green

Diet: Crustaceans

Weight: 20lbs

Fun fact: SN-Oncorhynchus mykiss

Yellow Perch

Color: Yellow

Diet: Midges and Mosquitoes

Habitat: Brackish Waters and ponds

Fun Fact: SN- Perca flauescens


Color: Olive and gold

Diet: Yellow perch or ciscoes

Habitat: Deeper regions in a lake

Weight: 25 lbs

Fun Fact: SN- Sander vitreus