By: Kennedy Perry

Brief History

Malta joined th EU in 2004. It was never a founder of the EU. It was apart of the U.K. at one point.


Malta is found in Southern Europe, islands in the Mediterranean Sea, south of Sicily.


Maltas Capitol is Valleta,some major cities surrounding Malta are Attard,Balzan,Bormla and Imgarr. Malta is identified as a archipelago. The Malta flag is red and white. These choices in color come from the checkered banner Count Rogerof Sicily. Malta is known as a archipelago. The currency is called Maltese Lira. The government type is called a republic


Malta has a variety of museums that share the history of Malta. Kids also can enjoy a variety of amusement parks.
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3 interesting facts

1. Many large building on water

2. Many castles

3. The most common spoke languages are English and Maltese but it sounds Arabic