Chemical Technician

Biology (SAMBO) May.18,2016

Education Requirements

In order to be a chemical technician, you will need an associates degree

Education requirements?

There are no education related requirements. For Chemical technician, there are not really any other job just like that.

Facility's to work at?

Technicians typically work at laboratory's. Where they conduct experiments, or in manufacturing facility's .

Job outlook?

Chemical technicians need an associates degree or 2 years post secondary education for most jobs. the job outlook would be 2% (slower than average)

Salary and wages?

The approximate salary for this job would be 21 dollars per hour and 44 thousand per year.

Description of the types of task ?

Chemical technicians use speacial tools and help chemist and chemical engineers with research, develop and test chemicals.

Advantages and disadvantages.

What the disadvantages do from this job, is the chemicals. Handling chemicals is very dangerous. Especially with the tools that they use to test,develop and move. It takes hard work with chemicals, and it can stress you our doing the research with these chemicals.

Advantages rely on the experience that you have with these chemicals and the chemicals you test can be really fun. Money is also the big advantage you get. 21 dollars each hour.