Being Fit and Active

Become a high school physical education teacher

Teaching Profession

Almost all schools are required to take physical education except for colleges. Depending on what level you want to teach, you can teach at elementary, middle or high school. Through out your day, you expect students to listen to a teacher and also have students learn about the fitness components.

A Day in the life

Teachers educate students to move on with their future. Teachers also help students on what they want to to be when they go to college and on to a university. They also work with other teachers to help educate the students better.


Teaching in this profession can be stressful because students now a days do not want to do anything. A teacher has to take paitence with the students and explain the consequences of breaking the rules in gym class

Going to a university

To become a physical education teacher, you must have a bachelors degree if teaching in a high school and a teaching license. You must also do some observation hours and get a teaching license. The teaching license however must be renewed every four years because things change every year. Getting a bachelor degree can take up to 4 years to get.

The annual pay for Teachers

Physical Education teachers get paid $59,350. The benefit of doing pursuing in this career is that you get many vacations and get weekends off. Teachers can use these days to go to places they like. For example, they can go to the cubs game or a sox game.

Increasing Jobs

Teachers are very crucial for every school. Schools need teachers that will educate students for many generations to come. The outlook for this career is about 1,267,700 in 2012. In 2022, it will grow about 19% more than the average.