The River

Denzil Frost 1st Gary Paulsen


Two years ago Brian was stranded in the woods and survived. The government wants to do it again with someone taking notes on how he survived. During a storm Brian's partner is hit by lightning and falls into a coma. Brian has to build a raft and ride down a river to a trading post to save his partner.



The setting takes place in the woods near a river.


The conflict in the story is that Brian partner is hit by lightning and has to get him to a trading post in under two days or he will dehydrate


The theme in the story is "In tough situations you have to make the wisest decision"

Book Review

I liked this book but there were some parts I didn't like. The book was good its just that Brian kept beating himself up (not literally) and complaining. This book kind of tells you how Brian did stuff and I think that's neat. Overall the book was good.