Technology Rules for Parents

By: Annie Peters

Rule #1

Don't give out any of your personal information or passwords because there are hackers online.

Rule #2

Don't text and drive or use your phone while you are driving
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Rule #3

Learn the slang that the kids are using today because you will have a better understanding of the internet

Rule 4# Create usernames that arn't your real identity so that hackers have a harder time of finding you

Rule 5#

make all of your accounts private so that you will know who has access to your information

Rule 6#

Pictures and posts are never private so don't send anything that you would regret

Rule #7

Never agree to meet a person you met on-line because it could be dangerous.

Rule #8

Don't drink and drive because that impaires how you drive and it it very dangerous

Rule #9

People can hack into your webcam and turn it on and off automaticly so always keep something in front of it.

Rule #10

If you go away on vacation never post something about where you are because hackers will know where you are or try to break into your house.
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