Health and Wellness in Schools

Group 3 : The Safety Hazards

The Issue

Childhood obesity is on the rise. 33.7% of people are overweight in Texas. 20% of kids eat breakfast at school, 40% eat snack at school, and 90% eat lunch at school. Kids need healthy food to focus and do well in school. School main meals need to be healthy and appetizing at the same time.

Root cause

Many kids have low access to healthier foods. Also, many kids are uneducated about healthy foods. Healthy foods also have a reputation of not tasting good.

Interview data (quotes)

"Healthy school food tastes like cardboard." - Emily (Baylor student)

"I wasn't born here, but I know school food isn't healthy from movies." - Supryia (Baylor graduate student)

Goal statement

We will contact and inform school district leaders to increase healthier food options that students like and decrease unhealthy food options for students by serving healthier food options that students will actually enjoy. This will make students eat healthier meals and become healthier

What can others do?

Eat a meal with your child at lunch to see what the meals are like! If you don't like it, DO SOMETHING!

Take Action


  1. Talk to your principal
  2. Pick healthy choices
  3. Know what foods are healthy
  4. Advocate for the issue


  1. Talk to school leaders
  2. Make a committee
  3. Make a club
  4. Raise awareness in your school about healthy choices
  5. Write a letter to school district leaders
  6. Write a letter to a city council member
  7. Ask local chefs to teach kids about nutrition


  1. Ask Governor Greg Abbott to support healthier options in schools that taste good
  2. Contact the TEA (Texas Education Agency)


  1. Contact our Senator/Congressman/President
  2. Talk to national businesses to support healthier but tasty foods in schools

What We Learned

"I learned what the word advocacy means and how to advocate for my community." -Amelia

"I learned that 75% of obesity is caused by unhealthy diets and 25% is caused by not exercising enough. I also learned that Texas has the 15th highest obesity rate." -Kailyn B.

"I learned how to help in my community and how to support other people with their cause." -Ethan

"I learned how to be a good citizen, how to advocate, and how to solve community issues. I also learned how to be active in my community." -Kendal

"I learned that 33.7% of people in Texas are overweight." -Haynes

"I learned about obesity and how to be a better citizen." -Sydney

"I learned how to advocate for an issue." -Hutson

"I learned that most schools have really unhealthy options, that health is a big issue, and about advocating." -Ana

"I learned how to get involved in my community, that poverty, hunger, health, academics, and much more are big problems and we can work together to solve them." -Rebekah

"I learned about advocating and how to be a good citizen. I also learned about school health and about healthy food choices." -Kailyn L.

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