Happy Holidays

from Little Acorn Consulting

Thank you!

As I was sitting in church this morning, reflecting upon this past year, my heart and mind were full. It seems hard to believe how much has changed since last year, and how much closer I am with my family because of changes.

I made the intentional choice to step out of the classroom into the unknown, then a new friend suggested that I make a go at Little Acorn. It had always been one of my "heart wishes" to connect with families and serve children in another way, in a way that also allowed me to spend more time with my own child and family.

It seems crazy to think that Little Acorn's first "gig" was August 1 at the Baby and Beyond Expo. We met some of you there, and learned some good lessons during those two days. I started offering a Parent Child class at my home, which was wonderful, but also sort of confusing for my son when I would put all of his toys away and get out the toys for the babies. We participated in some cool events (Bluegrass for Babies in the rain!!!), shared play dough craziness at Washington Park, and holiday crafts with the Cincinnati Moms Blog. Possibly we met at the Dater Montessori Holiday Bazaar, or maybe you read one of my blog posts, or maybe we met at The Red Balloon Play + Cafe.

I love the talks with parents about how to support their children's independence, but what I appreciate more than anything, is the trust you have placed in me when I come to your home to help you create a space for your child(ren). The joy/relief on parents faces when they get rid of stuff, the laughter when their children are working in the newly designed space, and the connection that the parents have with their child--- that is what fuels my work. It is an honor and a privilege.

I can't even begin to imagine where Little Acorn will be next year at this time, but I have big hopes and dreams and goals, and I hope that you continue along this journey with us. My goal is to open a brick and mortar storefront somewhere- a place where I will curate the best of the best items to help your child, a place where you can come with your questions and come to be inspired. A place that affirms your choices as a parent to slow down and stop the commercialization of childhood. A place where you will be supported and find like-minded people.

I am going to take the tail end of December off so that I can focus on my family, and also start on an online course to be a certified Professional Organizer! Who knew that existed, or that I had a passion for that?!!! This is exciting, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting this vision, all that Little Acorn is and has the potential to become. From my family to yours, we wish you a season of joy, love, peace, memories and connection.


Beth Bayfield

Owner, Little Acorn Consulting LLC

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