5th Grade

Mrs. Ward and Mrs. Keefe

Upcoming Events

September 19th- Before school band lessons for 5th grade begins

September 21st- Unit 1 Quiz 1 (tentative date) Math

October 13th- BizTown Field Trip (bring a bag lunch)

October 20th & 21st- No School

November 4th - Able G. America Ninja Warrior Assembly

November 14th - 17th- Fall Parent Teacher Conferences (more information to come)

Horizon Band

Here is a link to the before school band calendar with a few minor corrections. Due to the size of the band groups, all before school band sessions will be held at the high school. Students who arrive early will wait in the high school band room. Early supervision for Horizon band students starts at 7:15. Band sessions start at 7:45.

During Encore classes, Ms. Cooper will take a short tour of PHS with all of the band students. We’re excited for this upgrade to our band program, and we want to make sure all of our students are ready for the extra time with band instructors.

Open House

If you were unable to attend our Open House on Thursday, September 15th, here is link to the presentation. You will find information on the units of study in all content areas, classroom economy, and field trip dates.

Please contact us if you have any questions.


This week we began to increase our comprehension by focusing on the strategy:

"Activate and Apply Prior Knowledge". The key is to do it consciously... to wonder with our inner voice, "What do I know that can help me understand this?"

I also conferred with your child this week and they were excited to share their reading goals with me. Please make sure you ask them about this and continue to encourage for their success as avid readers.

We also began our grammar and spelling component focusing on alphabetical order, vowel sounds, and began to introduce parts of speech.

Our Reading and Writing Workshop will begin next week, and it is always exciting to watch each student grow and have such success using this model.

Reminder: Students will be going to the library every "Day 2".


We started the week off by growing our minds with a math challenge called Four 4's. Students needed to use four 4's to form an equation with an answer of 0-23. This activity allowed students to use number sense and their background knowledge of order of operations. Your child should be bringing home this sheet in their Math Folders. Check it out!

In addition, we focused on finding equivalent fractions and comparing fractions using seven strategies. Next week, students will take their first quiz. This quiz will cover: creating equivalent fractions, comparing fractions, converting mixed number into improper fractions and vice versa. Please take a look at the Unit 1 Math Webpage for extra practice for your student.

Just another reminder to please look through and sign your child's Math Folder. Please keep your child's work, return the folder and signed slip. You should be expecting to see this folder every Friday and return it on Monday.