Levels, Sublevels, and Orbitals

By: Justice Buford

Energy Levels

Contain electrons all around the same level

How Many Sublevels Can Each Level Have??

1st Energy Level- 1 Sublevels

2nd Energy Level- 2 Sublevels

3rd Energy Level- 3 Sublevels

4th Energy Level- 4 Sublevels

5th Energy Level- 5 Sublevels

6th Energy Level- 6 Sublevels

Bohr Model

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Sub Levels - 4 types of Sublevels


1 Orbital

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3 Orbitals

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5 Orbitals

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7 Orbitals

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How Many Electrons In Each Orbital??

1st orbital- 2 electrons
2nd orbital- 8 electrons
3rd orbital- 18 electrons
4th orbital- 32 electrons
5th orbital- 50 electrons
6th orbital- 72 electrons

How Many Electrons In Each Level??

1st Energy Level- 2 electrons

2nd Energy Level- 8 electrons

3rd Energy Level- 18 electrons

4 Energy Level- 32 electrons

5 Energy Level- 50 electrons

6 Energy Level- 72 electrons

How Many Electrons In Each Sublevel??

Sublevel S- 2 electrons

Sublevel P- 6 electrons

Sublevel D- 10 electrons

Sublevel F- 14 electrons

Orbital Diagrams: Energy levels, subshells, orbitals