Kerr Middle School's Reading Incentive Program

Ready, Set, Read!

Sign up now to participate in Kerr Middle School's Twenty-five program. Twenty-five is a reading incentive program for students and faculty of Kerr Middle School. Participants will read 25 or more books during the upcoming 2015-16 school year. The purpose of this program is to encourage students and faculty to read more, read better, and become life-long readers. Throughout the school year, participants will have set incremental reading goals. Those who successfully reach their goals will celebrate with others who are participating in the program. Participation forms are now available online. Go to this website and sign up now to participate in this exciting new reading program!


August 25: Twenty-five Kick-off
October 15: 5 Books celebration
December 15: 10 Books celebration
February 15: 15 Books celebration
April 15: 20 Books celebration
June 15: 25 Books celebration

Sign up now!

Twenty-five participation forms are available now through August 24th. Remember, go to this website, follow the instructions on the form, and get ready, get set, read!