December 2020


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WRCCS Board Matchmaking Program

The WRCCS knows that having a strong governance board is essential for your charter schools success and sustainability. We would like to help schools who have governance board member opening(s) find potential board member candidates.

If you are interested in participating in this program, please fill out the appropriate survey below.


How do I report students who are doing PBL or Competency-based Learning?

Students enrolled in Project Based Learning (PBL) are not enrolled in traditional classes and do not receive grades the same way students in traditional courses do. As a result, reporting these students in WISEdata can be challenging.

For up-to-date guidance on reporting students enrolled in PBL, refer to the Cheat Sheet for PBL WISE Reporting document (https://docs.google.com/document/d/14eEZM-jZwIMSxI1yYPx6tYB5PUnGZ58TdX8Fs03PsL0/edit), which was co-created by WRCCS, DPI, and a few schools. While all Roster data should be reported for PBL students, DPI recommends that you prioritize reporting Career Education and World Language courses first and ensure those are reported in time for the annual WISEdata Snapshot. Read more FAQs from the WISE Roster team here (https://dpi.wi.gov/wisedata/roster/faq).


Charter School Design Hyperdoc

Designing a charter school can be both challenging and rewarding. The Wisconsin Resource Center for Charter Schools (WRCCS) has created this charter school design resource to help guide you through the process of charter school design. Each step described in the design process has desired outcomes, resources, and examples.


Charter School Grant Application Materials NOW Available

Wisconsin Charter Schools Program 2020-21

Grant Application Materials

The 2020-21 Charter School Grant Application materials are now available. Please click here to download the materials. The application deadline is February 17, 2021.

Grant Application Workshops

There is still time to register for the workshop on December 8. (a recording will be available once the workshops are done)

Come learn about the upcoming charter schools grant competition including available

funds, grant priorities, application requirements, and more.

Register for a workshop here.

Please review this video prior to attending the workshop.

Questions? Please email Diane Schwartz at DPI.


Good News and Celebrations

If you have good news to share, send it to support@wrccs.org.


WRCCS Events

Are you looking to connect with other learning leaders and professionals from around the state?

Are you looking for creative ways to solve these dynamic times? Well...let's connect with others from around the state and share resources! WRCCS is launching our Professional Learning Network (PLN) this month! Click here to register for a PLN today!

Are you new to the PLN movement? Learn more about WRCCS PLNs here.

PBL not what you are looking for? Here is the list of all the other WRCCS PLNs that are launching in the next few weeks:

  • Work-Based Learning Professional Learning Network

  • Equity and Justice in Schools Professional Learning Network

  • Charter School Governance Professional Learning Network

  • Virtual School Professional Learning Network

  • Environmental School Professional Learning Network

  • Charter School Design Team Professional Learning Network

  • Personalized Learning Professional Learning Network

For Questions and/or concerns regarding WRCCS Professional Learning Networks, please email Nick Pretasky npretasky@wrccs.org.

April 14, 2021 - WRCCS School Development Day

Register today!

The WRCCS School Development Day at the ISN National Conference will be held on April 14, 2021! This is a free and open to the public full day of workshop sessions, discussion and resource sharing for those starting new schools or those that are looking to innovate an existing school. More information to come!

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Other Events

UDL Forward! Learning Opportunities

The UDL Forward project is a collaboration between the CESA UDL team and DPI, with the goal of providing just-in-time UDL support for Wisconsin educators. UDL Forward is comprised of the following learning opportunities. And, an added bonus...everything is free!

  • UDL Guides on the Side Monthly Newsletter - provides a thematic view of UDL each month. It also provides updates and resources that can make connections to the work of Universal Design for Learning.

  • UDL Learning Design Coaching Labs - apply UDL to real-world learning scenarios with access to technical assistance for specific student needs.

  • UDL Communities of Practice - monthly opportunities to learn and share what’s working and troubleshoot solutions to challenges within a professional learning network.

Mia Chmiel
Associate Director of School Improvement

To have your event listed, email the information to support@wrccs.org.


Charter School Job Openings

To have your charter school job opening(s) listed, email the link to support@wrccs.org.


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Request an update to your school's yearbook listing

Please note that this request is exclusively for the charter schools yearbook. Your school and/or district is also responsible for keeping up-to-date information in the DPI schools directory.