by: gregory horowitz

add/subtract integers

  • draw your chart
  • fill in any numbers on the appropriate team
  • find out the total number on each team
  • circle the winning team
  • same sign add them opposite sign subtract
  • keep the sign of the winning team

multiplying and dividing integers

  • usa madman ( a face with the eyes negative signs and the nose a plus sign)
  • circle the signs in your problem ( the numbers being positive or negative NOT the ADD OR SUBTRACT)
  • circle the eyes if there are two negatives or one eye and the mouth if there is a positive and a negative
  • what ever sign is left not circled in the face shows you if the answer is positive or negative

adding and subtracting decimals

  • line up the decimal
  • fill any empty spots with zero
  • add or subtract like normal
  • bring the decimal down

multiplying decimals

  • multiply like normal (you do not line up the decimals)
  • count the place values from the factors
  • move the product decimal the same amount for all the factor decimal places

dividing decimals

  • move the divisor all the way to the right ( divisor - number outside or the house in the problem )
  • move divined decimal the same amount as the divisor ( divined - number inside of the house in the problem )
  • divide like normal
  • move the decimal up

adding and subtracting fractions

  • change the fraction to improper
  • make a common denominator ( denominator - bottom number in a fraction )
  • add or subtract the numerator ( numerator - top number in a fraction )
  • simplify

multiplying fractions

  • change the fractions to improper
  • multiply the numerators across
  • multiply the denominators across
  • simplify

dividing fractions

  • change the fraction to improper
  • write the problem landscape
  • K.F.C. ( K - keep the first fraction the same, F - flip the second from to a proper fraction, C - change to multiplication )
  • simplify