Human Trafficking

What is Human Trafficking

Human Trafficking has always been a problem, and is still growing. Human trafficking is kidnapping and normally sold for various reasons. All in all human trafficking is bad and needs to be stopped.


This article is different from others because of the fact that it focuses on romaina as the center of a lot of different prostitution rings that are in as far away places as hundurous, Afganistan, the congo, and China. all of those go through Romania that eventually branches out into westren Europe.

Help the fight against Human Trafficking

Anti-Trafficking Action Coalation

The ATAC is a Branch from the International Rescue Commitee. The ATAC is a group that will help surviors of human trafficking get back to everyday normal life. This has Helped a lot of people already, most survivors say that it was very hard to get back to normal living but that the ATAc had help them a lot.