Iditarod Dogs Treated with Care?

By: Donovan and Peter

Iditarod Dogs

  • Siberian huskies, Alaskan malamutes, Samoyed's
  • selected for courage, speed, strength,loyalty
  • Siberian huskies- playful, friendly, quick tempered
  • Samoyed's- require strong training, restless no attention
  • Alaskan Malamutes- hardworking, predatory instinct, closest wolf
  • descendants wolves
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A Siberian Husky ( one of most popular sled dogs)

How Mushers Feel About the Dog

  • mushers bonded dog any time
  • assisted at dog birth
  • mushers nurture puppy-dog
  • dogs are religion some mushers
  • mushers worried and care for dogs
  • treat as family
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Infections and Injuries

  • paws can be frozen
  • natural caused infections
  • pneumonia
  • dehydration
  • heart failure
  • sled dog accidents
  • hip dysplasia (hip dislocation)
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Dog Care

  • vaccination before race
  • physical exams
  • blood work
  • DE-worming
  • random drug testing checkpoints
  • exams at checkpoint
  • doctors checkpoint
  • dogs quit tired
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