FDA Regulations

Elusive e cigarettes might be regulated under FDA

Elusive e cigarettes might be regulated under FDA

Hello, I am Greg Bear, in my last post I was discussing that with which brand I should invest and came to the conclusion to buy V2 Cigs as I like the products of electronic cigarette formulated by them. These days the marketing strategies of these brands are quite fuzzy, as brands are frightened from FDA regulations.

First I will tell you, what is FDA, it’s an US Food and Drug Administration agency which is responsible for protecting and promoting public health through regulations on different products such as tobacco products, dietary supplements, prescription and pharmaceutical drugs etc. Now electronic cigarette has also come under FDA’s knowledge. The pace at which e cigarette is gaining popularity, with the same pace FDA is processing its research on this vapor producing stick.

Yesterday, I was reading a newspaper in which I came to know that it is risky for entrepreneurs to invest with the small brands. It was written that FDA will set the regulations on electronic cigarettes. The brands that produce electronic cigarettes should have to buy a license for selling their products and FDA will also conduct the tests to check the quality of electronic cigarettes produced by them. Secondly, FDA will put restrictions on the sales of electronic cigarettes to the minors.

Yeah that’s right, few days back; I visited to my school for some official work and I shocked when I saw the vaping stick in those small hands, the small school children were puffing it. So FDA has taken the right decision to stop selling e cigarette to minors in order to control its misuse. After all they get addicted to nicotine by using these electronic cigarettes. As I read that it will allow only well tested brands to sell their product, I think V2 Cigs is a great brand which are well tested by the experts.