United Arab Emirates



Dubai is the capital.
I picked this country because it has some amazing views daytime & nighttime. My opinion they have the best water park called Wild Wadi. Well known for the world's tallest building! Other great cities will be Abu Dubai some more crazy buildings.
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Language & Symbols

Even if Arabic is the official language in UAE English is more spoken there. You will also hear other languages like Hindi, Urdu, and Persian. They speak English more because a lot of tourist speak English & because its an International language.
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Norms & Values

Even though a lot of different people around the world visit this country; it is a Muslim city. So, religion plays an important role in Dubai. You should dress modestly, always accept food with your right hand (hand you should eat with), don't offer alcoholic beverages to a Muslim guest or pork. When you enter this great country you should know that the use of drugs, sex outside marriage, Cohabitation, Adultery & Homosexuality.


People that have money has it . Survival of the fittest is everywhere. This country is a friendly when foreigners come to visit. They are thinkers and artists. They value their religion a lot.