Let's Start Coding!

Learn the Basics of Computer Programming with Scratch

I was hoping you would all have iPads by now so you could code along with me in chat using your iPad. Unfortunately, they are being delayed, which means we might not have then for awhile longer. However, it's time to get coding! So below I have a video on how to view 2 screens in chat! You'll need your Home Facilitator's help with this! Or, if you have an iPad or another laptop computer or desktop computer, you can use that to view 2 screens by having it turned on and right next to you while we're in chat! You can open up Scratch on your other device and code along with me OR please view the video below on how to view 2 screens in chat using just 1 computer! It's very important that you can do this! So grab your Home Facilitator and watch the video! Also, please have your home facilitator nearby next week in chat to help you if you need it! Thank you!
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What is Scratch?

  • Scratch is a visual programming language that uses drag-n-drop logic blocks to teach you programming concepts.
  • The sequencing skills will help you think like a programmer.
  • Learning these skills visually will make it easier for you to "write" in coding languages such as Javascript and Python later.

Why Should I Learn Coding?

I can give you lots of reasons, but let's hear it from some well-known tech gurus!

Can I do it?

You may think coding is really hard. But if you take it step by step, before you know it, you're doing it! Check out some of the experiences of these first time coders!

Next Week: Our 1st Scratch Project

Before we can code together in chat, you need to be able to view 2 windows on your computer at once: the chat room (so you can follow along) and Scratch (so you can code your program)

  • Please view the video below to see how to open 2 windows in chat!
  • Then test it out by opening 2 different browser windows on your computer, minimizing them, and dragging them until you can view both.
  • Lastly, let me know you got this or you will contact me by clicking the choice box in Moodle.
Click Here: How to view to screens in chat!

Understanding how to do this is MUST for success in this course! Please view and practice!

Remember: Program or Be Programmed!

See you in CyberSpace!