by Matthew Cody

Powerless by Matthew Cody


When Daniel moves to Nobel's Green, he is worried he will be bored. That is- until he finds out that the children who grew up in Nobel's Green have super powers! As Daniel's friends try to prove that they are worthy of having these powers, Daniel struggles with being the only "Powerless" kid in town. Even though he cannot fly, or control electricity, or run at the speed of light, Daniel may be more important that anyone.


Daniel- powerless boy

Mollie- super fast and tough, independent girl

Rohan- super-senses and super smart

Clay- super strong and very mean

Bud- super Stinky

Eric- super fast and strong leader


  • Facing Adversity
  • Friendship
  • True Heroism
  • Growing up


-comic book fans

-easy & quick reading pace

-readers who enjoy surprises

-fun & lighthearted reading

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